Bernina 700 Plus

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'Extra-large embroidery area for large designs


Extra-large embroidery area gives flexibility and comfort Embroider designs up to 400 x 210 mm Three embroidery hoops included Choose from a large range of optional embroidery accessories and software Embroidery Only Machine – no sewing functionality

Pinpoint Placement for accurate design positioning


Easy positioning and alignment of embroidery designs Simple to use: Select two points on the screen and match them with the markings on the hooped fabric Align, rotate or resize your design to fit as desired No additional tools or aids needed Full visibility of the hooped fabric at all times

Front load Jumbo bobbin for easy rethreading


No need to remove the hoop for re-threading Easy access to the front load bobbin Embroider with fewer interruptions with the Jumbo Bobbin that holds up to 70% more thread than standard bobbins

Clean and brillant embroidery


Make the perfected tie-on/off formation completely invisible with the Invisible Secure function Smartly add tie-on/off stitches to a design if none are preprogrammed with the Smart Secure function No more manual trimming on the top side needed by setting the cutting of jump stitches. Subject to design properties. Thread Away Mode pulls the upper thread tails to the underside for clean embroidery results on the top.

Extensive Embroidery Creative Consultant


Provides on-board assistance for all embroidery levels & project types Built-in assistance for embroidering on multiple fabric types recommending stabilizer, needle size & type for best results. Perfect for special effects such as cutwork, embroidered appliqué, quilting in the hoop, trapunto, free-standing lace, punchwork and couching

Thread-up Command for perfect results


Achieve beautiful and clean results; especially with continuous quilting designs Easily accessible with the directselect button on the front of the machine Machine lowers and raises the needle bringing the bobbin thread to the top of the fabric so you can secure the threads manually

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